Explore the Diversity of Our Sheep Breeds

We proudly offer two distinct breeds of sheep known for their unique qualities and contributions to the agricultural landscape. Whether you're interested in preserving a heritage breed or acquiring raw wool for your creative endeavors, we have you covered.

Reuse It Ranch Inc

Navajo-Churro: Starter Flock Available

The Navajo-Churro sheep breed once graced the endangered species list. At Reuse It Ranch Inc., we are dedicated to preserving this remarkable breed. A starter flock of Navajo-Churro is available, providing enthusiasts and conservationists with an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing preservation efforts.


Rambouillet Sheep: Elegance in Every Fleece

Known for their fine wool and versatility, Rambouillets are prized for their contribution to the textile industry. Due to the softness and crimp, the wool from Rambouillet sheep offers a luxurious touch to any project.

Reuse It Ranch Inc
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Luxurious Raw Wool for Sale

Luxurious Raw Wool for Sale

Indulge in the world of natural fibers with our high-quality raw wool, available for sale. Experience the difference of wool from our heritage breeds, each strand carrying the unique character and history of Navajo-Churro and Rambouillet sheep.

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